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Region of Peel - Working for you

Lobbyist Registry


Regional Council approved By–law 47-2016 (PDF, 84KB) to establish a Lobbyist Registry. The by-law came into effect March 1, 2017.

Anyone who wishes to lobby or has lobbied a Public Office Holder outside a public setting must register and record their lobbying activities.

The Lobbyist Registry is part of Regional Council's commitment to enhance accountability and transparency.

The Lobbyist Registry is an accessible public record of all lobbyists. It shows details including the name of the lobbyist, who they lobbied, the commencement date and subject matter upon which they lobbied.

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What Is Lobbying?

Lobbying is any communication with a public office holder by an individual who is paid or represents a business or financial interest with the goal of trying to influence any legislative action. These actions include:

Types of Lobbyists

There are 3 types of lobbyists:

  1. Consultant
    A person who lobbies for payment on behalf of a client.
  2. In–house
    A person who is an employee, partner, sole–proprietor and who lobbies on behalf of their own employer, business or organization.
  3. Voluntary Unpaid
    A person who lobbies without payment on behalf of a person, business or other organization.

How Do I Use the Lobbyist Registry

Registration is a simple process and must occur before or within 5 business days of lobbying commencing. Once Lobbying is complete, the registration item should be closed. If registration exceeds one year, it may be automatically closed.

Who Is a Public Office Holder?

A Public Office Holder is:


More information

Contact the Lobby Registrar about lobbying complaints or requests for investigation.

Contact the Office of the Regional Clerk for information about using the online Lobbyist Registry.