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Free Fusion Landscaping Consultation is Now Available

Bring your property to life while using less water with Fusion Landscaping

Are you thinking about updating your outdoor space this spring? Consider creating a Fusion Landscape - a style of landscape design that combines colours and textures to create a beautiful garden requiring less water and minimal fuss.

Fusion Landscapes are designed to thrive naturally, with the natural conditions of your property, to create beautiful outdoor spaces that are easier to maintain with less watering than traditional gardens.

Register today. Fusion Consultations are available May to August. Space is limited.

Some of the key elements that bring a Fusion Landscape to life include:

Once again, the Region is offering free Fusion Landscape consultations and designs to residents of Peel. Trained advisors will visit your home and help you start your Fusion Garden oasis. Our advisors show you ways to create a modern space.  You receive:

Looking for professional help? Investing in a Fusion Landscape Professional can assist you in bringing the garden oasis of your dreams to life.  These certified professionals have advanced industry knowledge and experience and offer landscape design, landscape installation and grounds management services. They can help you create beautiful landscapes with elements that manage rainwater where it falls, using rainwater as a resource. To learn more about Fusion Landscaping, and find a certified Fusion Landscape Professional, please visit