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Rain BarrelRain Barrels

A rain barrel is a container that collects and holds rainwater.  The barrel is placed under the downspout of your home to collect the rainwater runoff from your roof. The bottom of the barrel has a spigot with a hose attachment so you can use the water for your garden.

Using a rain barrel:

  • Reduces runoff, which pollutes and strains Peel’s storm sewer system.
  • Helps conserve water.

You can use more than one rain barrel at your home.

Region of Peel barrels:

  • Are 50 gallon capacity.
  • Are made with recycled materials.
  • Come with screens to prevent mosquito breeding.
  • Are sold at Peel’s Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) for $50.

Rain barrel instructions (PDF)

How to winterize your rain barrel

Follow these simple steps to make sure your rain barrel is winter ready:

  • At the end of the fall season, empty and rinse out your rain barrel. As the temperature beings to drop, any water remaining in the barrel over the winter may freeze and cause cracks in the barrel.
  • Leave faucets open since hoses split easily in cold weather and should be stored out of the elements.
  • Store your rain barrel upside down in place, or move it indoors for the winter season.

Revised: Wednesday July 26 2017


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