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Watersmart Peel Home
Toilet Replacement Program

Indoor Water Use

Save water and protect the environment by choosing the right products.
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Toilet ReFind leaks early to save water and money

Household Leaks

Find leaks early to save water and money
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Humidifier Rebate Program
Water Efficient Humidifiers
Switch to a water-efficient humidifier to save water and money.
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Fusion Landscaping Workshops
Fusion Landscaping® Design
Design your garden oasis using eco-friendly plants and techniques that save time and money.
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Rain Barrels
Rain Barrels
Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater and water your garden.
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Sprinkler Spruce-up
In-ground Sprinkler Systems
How to maintain your system to prevent leaks and save money
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Revised: Tuesday May 04 2021

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