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Fusion Landscaping® Design

Know your wants and needs

Everyone’s landscape needs are different.
Think about what you want to use your garden for. Do you want, or need:

Chairs at a table
  • A composter or rain barrel?
  • A garden shed or storage area?
  • An area for your kids to play?
  • A secluded spot to relax?
  • An area for your barbecue?
  • A space for outdoor entertaining?
  • A vegetable garden?

Patios, porches and pathways

Once you determine your wants and needs, it’s easier to decide where to put decks, pathways, fences, patios and other non-plant (hardscape) features.

Focal point features

Imagine and decide which features you’d like to see in your Fusion Garden®, such as sculptures and gazebos or bird feeders.

  • A sitting area is ideal for family and neighbours to sit, relax and take in the beauty of your fusion landscape and surroundings.
  • Lattices, archways and pergolas are perfect for defining an entrance.

Revised: Tuesday July 21 2020

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