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Water Smart Irrigation Professionals

The Water Smart Irrigation Professional Program was created by Landscape Ontario, in partnership with the Region of Peel and York Region. Water Smart Irrigation Professionals, (WSIP) have specialized training in irrigation system efficiency, assessment and maintenance services. WSIP contractors are industry leaders committed to sustainable irrigation management.

Irrigation System Assessments

A WSIP contractor will get the best out of your irrigation system and help you maintain beautiful curb appeal, while lowering your water consumption and costs. WSIP contractors will:

  • Identify potential water and money saving opportunities
  • Help maximize the life of your system
  • Ensure the health and beauty of your landscape while saving money

What is involved in an Assessment?

During an assessment the WSIP Certified Irrigation Contractor will:
Step 1: Collect zone specific information that may identify leaks or the need for hardware upgrades.
Step 2: Use specialized tools to calculate optimal run times for each zone and overall system use.
Step 3: Create a customized watering schedule for your property.
Step 4: Prepare a report that outlines potential savings and return on investment.

Start achieving your sustainability goals and improve your bottom line.

Find a WSIP approved contractor in your area today.

Did You Know?

Smart and central controllers can reduce your irrigation costs by 30-50%. An assessment of your irrigation system will also determine if installing one of these controllers is the right thing for you.

Want to increase the efficiency for your proposed/existing system?
Please see the Irrigation System Efficiency Checklist (PDF).

Revised: Thursday December 10 2020

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