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Tips and policies

Follow these tips and policies to ensure your trip is safe and on-time.

Watch this video for important information that can help you on your trip.

General rules and tips while travelling

Check your pick-up window before you ride

All trip requests have a 30-minute pick-up window. This window is confirmed when you place your trip request. Be ready to go at the start of your pick-up window.

On the day of your scheduled ride, log in to your account or use the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) to check your pick-up window.

Door-to-door service

Safety standards for ramps, doors and pathways

Upon pick-up, your driver will help you from the first accessible door to the vehicle. Upon drop off, your driver will help you from the vehicle through the first accessible door. We call this "door-to-door" service.

Door-to-door service is provided to all passengers, even if you can manage on your own.

The TransHelp driver might not pick you up or drop you off if these safety and accessibility standards aren't met.

Passenger pick-up and drop-off

Other information

Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters must meet specific size, weight, and safety guidelines.

  • Weight: The total weight of the wheelchair and passenger combined must be no more than 362 kg (800 lbs).
  • Size: A wheelchair base must be no larger than 76 x 127 cm (30 x 50 inches).
  • Safety: Flags and other projections are not allowed.

For passengers travelling with a scooter:

  • Scooters will be safely secured using the proper restraint system in a forward-facing position.
  • You may move to a seat from your scooter if you are able with minimal assistance.
  • Passengers remaining on their scooters will be fitted with a seatbelt that secures them to their mobility scooter.
  • Passengers choosing to transfer must wear a seatbelt at all times when seated in a TransHelp vehicle.

You may have the option to purchase a mobility device with brackets for securement. Please be aware that your driver will secure your device using only hooks that display the yellow sticker pictured as they have been tested and approved.If these stickers are not present, your driver will use a solid or welded part of your chair for securement.

Fares and accompaniment

All children aged 0 – 12 years must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or support person.

If the child is 0-5 years of age:

  • The accompanying parent, guardian or support person must pay a fare.
  • The child rides for free.

If the child is 6-12 years of age, both the child and the accompanying parent, guardian or support person must pay a fare.


Children with mobility devices must follow the same rules as adults travelling with wheelchairs and scooters.

Keeping children safe while travelling

TransHelp does not require nor provide car seats and booster seats in taxi cabs, buses and public vehicles.

Older children who can move about freely must use available seating and seat belts and stay seated during the trip. A child cannot sit in a stroller while travelling. Strollers must be collapsed and safely stored during travel.

Children who weigh less than 9 kg (20 lbs) or cannot hold themselves upright must be securely held on a parent, guardian or companion's lap.

Parents, guardians or companions who cannot hold the child on their lap or care for the child while travelling must bring a support person to hold and care for the child.

The parent, guardian, support person or companion must ensure that the child behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while travelling on TransHelp.

A lost item is a personal item (e.g., cash, jewelry, a wallet or ID) that is left behind on a TransHelp vehicle.

A TransHelp employee will bring a lost item to the TransHelp Office within 24 hours of finding the item. Employees will throw away perishable food that is left behind.

Reporting and reclaiming lost items

Report the details of your lost item to TransHelp as soon as you become aware of the loss.

Choose from these options to report the loss:

Client Services will contact you if your item has been found.

Client Services will return the item to you only if they're satisfied that you're the owner. When you arrive to collect the item, Client Services will ask you to provide:

  • Proper identification
  • A precise description of the item
  • Where and when the item was lost
  • Proof of ownership

Unclaimed items

Unclaimed items will be disposed of after 3 months.

TransHelp strictly prohibits unruly or disruptive behaviour that threatens or endangers the safety of passengers, employees or service animals.

If a passenger is disruptive, TransHelp may take one or more of the following actions:

  • Reschedule or cancel the ride.
  • Suspend service to the passenger.
  • Require that a mandatory support person accompany the passenger for any future rides.
  • Report the incident to the police.

TransHelp passengers who have experienced disruptive behaviour must contact TransHelp or emergency services to report the incident.

TransHelp account

Update your contact information and confirm or cancel booked trips.