Sort These TOP 5 Items Right!

We want all your waste disposal efforts to count.

Many residents are doing a great job of putting their waste in the right place.

We need your help to be sure that these 5 items – dishes, clothes, plastic toys, intravenous therapy (IV) tubes and bags, and diapers – end up in the right place.

Our recycling and organics processes are not set up to handle these items. When they end up in recycling or organics, we have to remove them and put them in landfill.

Items that are in good condition – like dishes, clothes and plastic toys – can be reused. It's easy. Donate them today – and get a savings coupon.

Watch this video to learn how to sort these items right:

Trash it!

Toss IV tubes/bags and diapers in the garbage.

These items are unsanitary. They can't be composted or recycled. Always double-bag medical waste.

Live on!

Donate used dishes, plastic toys and clothes in good condition at:

Consider donating other used textiles, such as towels, linens and blankets, backpacks, purses and shoes.

Save on!

Watch for a card in your mailbox to save – just for donating!

Show your card with your donated items to: