Term of Council Priorities

The Region’s wide-reaching, 20-year Strategic Plan will be fulfilled in stages.

Term of Council Priorities represent what the Region is focused on for the current Council term. With each new Term of Council, new four-year priorities will be set out that build off our past successes and further our progress towards our 20-year outcomes.

These are the priorities and related outcomes for the current Term of Council:

Term Of Council Priority Outcomes
Reduce Poverty Increased income for Region of Peel residents, particularly those of lowest income
Increase Stable Employment Reduced proportion of Ontario Works clients receiving assistance due to lack of employment
Increase Affordable Housing Reduced length of time on the waitlist before being housed

Term Of Council Priority Outcomes
Adapt to and Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change Reduced incidents of sewer back-ups during severe weather events caused by surcharge of the sanitary system. Decreased corporate Green House Gas emissions
Increase Waste Diversion Increased waste diversion rates
Improve Goods Movement Reduced congestion on high volume truck routes at peak hours
Plan and Manage Growth Reduce the projected cost revenue gap in order to increase ability for growth to pay for growth infrastructure
Promote Healthy and Age-Friendly Built Environments Increased proportion of development applications that meet the healthy development criteria

Term Of Council Priority Outcomes
Create a Modernized Workplace The work environment meets the demands of the workforce to deliver on outcomes
Attract and Retain Top Talent We have the employees with the skills to deliver on outcomes
Modernize Service Delivery Our services are easy to access and service requests are met through each interaction

Strategic Plan Timeline

Apr - Sept 2015

Nov 12, 2015
Council Endorsement

Jan - Aug 2016
Strategy Development

2017 - 2035
Ongoing Progress

For more information, email the Corporate Strategy Office.

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