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Images from Peel Region

Roundabout Signs and Lane Markings

Peel roundabouts are built to accommodate all motor vehicles, including large trucks and farm machinery.

Roundabout ahead. Begin to slow down.

Choose your route. Ensure you know your exit.

Choose the correct lane for your route.

The left side of the sign shows exits for the left lane. The right side of the sign shows exits for the right lane.

Ensure you are in the correct lane for your exit. You cannot change lanes within the roundabout.

Yield here for pedestrian.

Yield to vehicles in the roundabout and be prepared to stop before entering if necessary. It is not necessary to stop if it is safe to proceed.

Proceed in the direction of the arrows through the roundabout.

Do not drive beside large trucks when approaching or within the roundabout. Large trucks may need both lanes to drive through the roundabout.


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