Recycle Right

Your commitment to recycling is making a big difference. Working together we've redirected 50% of waste from landfill. You can help by avoiding this common recycling mistake.

Take the extra step to empty your tubs, containers, bottles and jars.

We cannot separate food from containers at our recycling facility. Containers with food or liquids in them can't be recycled and get sent to landfill as garbage.

Food and liquid left in these containers can transfer onto other recyclables such as paper and cardboard, making them difficult to recycle.

If you live in an apartment or condominium where organics isn't collected, put unused food in the garbage.

Recycling Tips

Spill the beans

  • Scoop out and rinse unused food from cans before recycling
  • put the unused food in your organics cart or kitchen container

Too much on your plate?

  • food scraps from take out containers go in your organics cart or kitchen container
  • ensure take out containers are empty and rinsed before recycling

Don't sugar coat it

  • sticky food like jam can ruin other recyclable items
  • dump these into your organics cart or kitchen container and rinse before putting them into the recycling

Find Out How to Sort Common Waste Items

If you're not sure how to properly dispose of a particular item, you can use the waste sorter. It has hundreds of items and instructions about what to do with each of them.

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