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Water and Wastewater

Park Royal Sewer Improvements


The Region of Peel and the City of Mississauga have been working with Council and area residents to improve the storm and sanitary sewer systems in the Park Royal area.

Below is additional information regarding the ongoing improvements in the area.

Park Royal Timeline | Future Sewer Improvements
2008 Rainfall | Flood Watch Program | Contact Information

  1. A timeline of flooding and sewer improvements in Park Royal

1960s – Park Royal is developed
Park Royal was developed in the 1960’s before municipalities began using storm water management systems. This allowed for storm water to divert into the sanitary sewer system through cross connections.

1970s - First studies of flooding issues
Aim of study was to find ways to prevent storm water from entering the sanitary sewer system. The following corrective actions were taken:

  • flow limiting orifice plates placed on catch basins
  • high capacity storm sewer bypass to a Storm Water Management Pond
  • installation of a “major” flow system on Wiseman Court
  • re-grading and lowering of Sheridan Creek
  • provision of sanitary sewer overflow to Sheridan Creek

1990s – Flooding was experienced in 1994 and 1995
Reappearance of flooding can be attributed to several factors:

  • interconnection of storm and sewer systems in residential homes
  • problems in the sewer and storm system
  • problems in the Sheridan creek drainage system

Actions taken:

  • Informational letters and questionnaires were distributed
  • Smoke tests were carried out
  • Hydraulic improvements made to two sanitary manholes to increase flow capacity
  • Hydraulic capacities of the sanitary system was reviewed
  • Affected sanitary sewers were inspected and minor debris removed
  • Debris from trunk sewer outlet was cleared
  • Lift holes in manholes on Brookhurst Road were sealed
  • Flow monitoring was initiated
  • Voluntary downspout disconnection program implemented to reduce storm water inflow into the sanitary sewer system. Partial participation was observed

2000 – Severe rainfall causes flooding May 12, 2000
The Region of Peel and the City of Mississauga implement a mandatory downspout disconnection program. Within 2 years over 90 per cent of identified homes had participated.
Other actions taken:

  • Easing of 90 degree bend at Wiseman Court
  • Relief sewers to function as overflow for Brookhurst Road (excess carried from Brookhurst to Bromsgrove Road)
  • Flow monitoring in place to observe effectiveness of improvements
  • Flood watch process created

2002 – Severe storm on June 21, 2002
Although this storm is larger than the storm of May 12, 2000, no flooding was observed and flow monitors confirm that down spout disconnection reduced flow to sanitary system.

2006 – Long duration low intensity rainfall event on December 1, 2006
Flooding is experienced due to the level of ground saturation from the wet summer, resulting in high inflow and infiltration into the sanitary sewer. Some pipes were partially blocked with debris. Immediate response during storm included:

  • Regional staff on site
  • Vactor truck used to pump wastewater from the system and discharge it at the Clarkson treatment plant.

Actions taken:

  • Smoke testing done to determine potential cross connections
  • Inspections of affected homes results in blockages being cleaned/flushed to the property line for inspection purposes
  • Continuous flow monitoring placed in the area
  • Detailed hydraulic modelling and analysis initiated

2007/2008 Continuous improvement and planning
Extensive modelling scenarios were undertaken by staff to determine what changes to the sanitary system should be implemented. An engineering solution was created and tested through a modelling exercise. Other improvements:

  • CCTV of sanitary sewer system to aid in modelling and replacement planning
  • Improvements to use an alarm point settings on continuous flow monitors, data used in modelling
  • Updated flood watch process
  1. An overview Current plans for sewer improvements in the Park Royal area

Region of Peel staff have been working on plans for future improvements in Park Royal. The plan includes increasing the size of some sewer pipes, and joining to the large trunk sewer to the Clarkson Pumping station. Some of the existing sewer would be plugged to accommodate the larger pipes. The proposed changes create two separated sewer drainage paths through Park Royal.

Construction of sanitary sewer in Park Royal area has been divided into two contracts with the following schedules:

  • The sanitary sewer construction on the North/South and East/West easements in the vicinity of CN railways will be done by the CN/GO contractor by the end of November 2009.

  • The sanitary sewer construction on Bromsgrove Road and Seagull Drive, in conjunction with watermain works in the area, has been awarded to F.C.M. Construction Limited. As indicated in the tender documents, the awarded contractor will build the sanitary sewer first so expected completion date is January 15, 2010.

This means that the west-to-east disconnect of the sanitary sewers at the corners of Seagull and Truscott, and Seagull and Brookhurst are scheduled for completion January 2010.

  1. An outline of the 2008 rainfall to date

A review of rainfall in 2008 indicated that we have experienced a very wet spring and summer, with no flooding issues.

  1. A review of the Flood Watch procedure

The Flood Watch program is part of the Region of Peel’s commitment to service. The program involves having staff on site during wet weather. Areas requiring flood watch are monitored until such a time, when staff feel the problems are resolved. The program follows the steps outlined below:

  • Flow monitors are in place to continuously monitor flow depths
  • Flow monitor alarms at 75% and 100% pipe depth and instantly sends out an audible call to the call center
  • Region of Peel call center relays alarm information to the appropriate foreperson at the Region of Peel works yards
  • Wastewater personnel are dispatched to area and Councillor is informed and updated
  • Wastewater personnel monitor the sewer system on site
  • Pumping trucks called into service as needed
  • If basement flooding occurs, Region of Peel Basement Flooding Procedures are followed
  • Wastewater personnel stay on site until depths recede or situation returns to normal
  1. Contact Information

If you would like additional information, or have questions related to the information above, please call Jeanne Thompson at 905-791-7800, ext 4242

Revised: Tuesday November 09 2010


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