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Water and Wastewater

Water Service Connection Fees

Effective February 14, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did the Region of Peel discontinue the water installation service?
After careful research of the current flat rate water installation service, staff has found that the current service is not cost or time-effective for staff members or residents, and has recommended that the Region of Peel discontinue the provision of water installation services. There are several reasons for this recommendation. They include:

  • the current need for an independent contractor to continue the installation from the right-of-way (roadway) to the property line
  • the need for an independent contractor to install sewer services, if the homeowner requires both water and wastewater. (The Region of Peel did not provide sewer installation services)
  • A discrepancy in the current cost as all residents are charged the same fee

2. Now that the Region no longer provides the service, who do I contact?
Residents can hire an independent contractor to complete/install the work.

3. Will an independent contractor be capable of doing the same job as the Region of Peel?
The previous water installation service required a collaborative effort from Regional staff and private contractors. Previously, the Region of Peel could only install the water service to a homeowner's property line. A private contractor would then have to be hired to bring the water service from the property line into the house. The change in service will allow independent contractors to perform the entire service, thus allowing for a time-effective and more cost-efficient installation.

4. Will it cost more money to obtain water installation through a contractor?
Residents will hire a plumber/contractor (of their own choice) to perform the work within the municipal right-of-way and/or private property. Although plumbers/contractors will set their own fees for labour, etc., the following costs may apply:

2019 Costs for 25mm Water Service Fee
Minimum refundable security deposit* $1,500.00
Water inspection and administration $1,345.00
Tapping fee $550.00
19mm water meter $518.00
Minimum Total (including security deposit) $3,913.00
Minimum 2019 Security Deposits Residential *,** Fee
Water Only $1,500.00
Sanitary Only $ 1,000.00
Storm Sewer Only $ 1,000.00
Water and Sanitary Sewer $ 2,000.00
Water. Sanitary and Storm Sewer $ 3,000.00
For more information, call the Region of Peel at 905-791-7800, ext. 4409, or e-mail us.
*The actual security deposit, which may be more than the minimum, will be determined by Peel staff at the time of the application review. Water service upgrades may require a $10,000.00 upgrade security deposit.
**For Regional Roads add $500 for Additional Lanes & Boulevards

***Installation of services on private property is governed by the Ontario Building Code: approvals and inspections can be made by calling the area municipality, Plumbing Department (City of Brampton, Mississauga, Town of Caledon).


Revised: Thursday February 21 2019


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