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Water and Wastewater

Alton: 2004 Water Quality Report

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The Regional Municipality of Peel takes pride in ensuring that its residents are provided with clean and safe water, free of any pollutants that could jeopardize their health.

The Region of Peel treats its water to prevent contamination and regularly tests its quality. In the year 2004 the Region of Peel has provided the region with excellent quality water. A number of tests were performed on thousands of water samples collected throughout the year, including testing for microbiological parameters, inorganic and organic parameters, operational checks as well as any additional testing carried out in accordance with the regulatory requirement, all of which proved the Region of Peel municipal water being of excellent quality.

The 2004 results of the tests performed by the Region of Peel have been organized and the annual report has been made available for viewing.

If experiencing difficulty accessing or viewing the 2004 data results please contact the Water Quality Team at:
905-791-7800 ext 4685.



The Municipal Waterworks of the Community of Alton, Town of Caledon

Alton is located in the north-west area of the Region of Peel in the Town of Caledon. The settlement area currently has a service population of about 1503 people supplied by a municipally owned waterworks. The groundwater drawn from four municipal wells is disinfected with chlorine and delivered to consumers through the water distribution system. Surplus water is stored in a 2.7 million-litre (600 thousand-gallon) reservoir connected to the water distribution system.

Upcoming Waterworks Projects

Alton Wells 3 and 4 will be upgraded with Ultraviolet disinfection and other enhanced disinfection features to meet the stringent new Provincial drinking water regulations. Alton Wells 1 and 2 have been placed out of service due to elevated nitrate concentrations. A link between the Alton and Caledon Village water supplies is planned to serve as an alternate supply in place of Alton Wells 1 and 2.

Is our water safe to drink?

To protect public health, the Ministry of the Environment has established the Ontario Drinking Water Standards (ODWS). These objectives help ensure that water used by the public is free from disease-causing organisms, hazardous amounts of toxic chemicals and radioactive materials.

The Region of Peel is proud to report that it has met these standards in 2004.




The owner of a drinking-water system must ensure that annual reports are prepared summarizing the results of tests required under the Regulation 170/03, including organic, inorganic and microbiological parameters, describe any major expenses incurred during the period covered by the report and made available to public.

New - Quarterly water quality reports are no longer a regulatory requirement. Starting in 2004, all municipalities in Ontario are required to produce an annual report on drinking water systems. This report is a result of new Drinking Water Systems Regulations (Regulation 170/03), introduced by the Ministry of the Environment on June 1, 2003. The Region of Peel, in compliance with the provincial regulations, compiles the annual water quality reports and makes them available to the public. The 2004 annual report may be viewed on-line (PDF 48KB, 9 pgs) , or picked up at the Region of Peel office at 10 Peel Centre Dr., 4th Floor, Brampton. For assistance, please call the Water Quality Team at:
905-791-7800 ext 4685.

The Region of Peel operates municipal water supply systems in accordance with provincial regulations:

  • Analytical tests to monitor water quality are conducted by a laboratory audited by the Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL) and accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). Accreditation ensures that the laboratory has acceptable laboratory protocols and test methods in place. It also requires the laboratory to provide evidence and assurances of the proficiency of the analysts performing the tests.
  • Operation by Licensed Operators. Competent and licensed staff performs the operations and maintenance of Regional waterworks. Mandatory licensing program for operators of drinking water facilities in Ontario is regulated by Regulation 128/04, under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Licensing means that an individual meets the education and experience requirements and has successfully passed certification examinations.
  • The Region of Peel adheres to all water sampling and analysis requirements required by the Regulation 170/03 under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Ontario Drinking Water Standards, Permit-to-Take-Water and Certificate of Approval conditions.
  • The Region of Peel adheres to Ontario Ministry of the Environment Guidelines and Procedures to ensure the protection of the public health and operational excellence.

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Revised: Thursday July 26 2007


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