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Water and Wastewater

DWQMS Elements

Operational Plan Cover Page

Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS)

Element 1 - Quality Management System (QMS)
Maintain the QMS in accordance with the requirements of the DWQMS and the policies and procedures documented in the Operational Plan
Element 2 - Quality Management System Policy
Maintain a QMS that is consistent with the Policy. The policy includes three main commitments: maintenance and continual improvement of the QMS, compliance with applicable legislation and regulations, and to provide safe drinking water to the consumer
Element 3 - Commitment and Endorsement
Evidence of Owner and Top Management commitment and endorsement (signed Operational Plan)
Element 4 - Quality Management System Representative
Maintenance of the QMS by the QMS Representative, who is appointed by Top Management. An Alternate QMS Representative is also selected, and performs the role when the QMS Representative is unable to do so
Element 5 - Document and Records Control
Conform to the procedure for QMS document and records control
Element 6 - Drinking-Water System
Ensure the description of the drinking water systems is kept current
Element 7 - Risk Assessment
Perform a risk assessment for the drinking water systems consistent with the documented process
Element 8 - Risk Assessment Outcomes
Document procedures on how the risks identified in Element 7 are managed (monitoring; responding; recording and reporting)
Element 9 - Organizational Structure, Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities
Keep current the description of the organizational structure including respective roles, responsibilities and authorities and communicate this information to Operating Authority personnel and the Owner
Element 10 - Competencies
Maintain competencies for personnel directly affecting drinking water quality and maintain records of these activities
Element 11 - Personnel Coverage
Document a procedure that describes adequacy of personnel coverage to ensure delivery of safe and high quality water
Element 12 - Communications
Describe how the relevant aspects of the QMS are communicated between Top Management and the Owner; Operating Authority personnel; suppliers; and the public
Element 13 - Essential Supplies and Services
Identify all supplies and services deemed essential for the delivery of safe drinking water and document a procedure on how these supplies and services are managed
Element 14 - Review and Provision of Infrastructure
Document procedure for the annual review of the drinking water system infrastructure
Element 15 - Infrastructure Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Renewal
Document a summary of the infrastructure maintenance, rehabilitation and renewal programs
Element 16 - Sampling, Testing and Monitoring
Document a procedure for the sampling, testing and monitoring of process and finished drinking water quality
Element 17 - Measurement and Recording Equipment Calibration and Maintenance
Document a procedure for the calibration and maintenance of measurement and recording equipment
Element 18 - Emergency Management
Document a procedure to maintain a state of emergency preparedness that includes emergency procedures and an up-to-date emergency contact list
Element 19 - Internal Audits
Document a procedure for internal audits that provides a self-evaluation of the QMS and verifies conformity of the QMS with the requirements of the DWQMS
Element 20 - Management Review
Document a procedure for Management Review of the QMS
Element 21 - Continual Improvement
Strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS through the use of corrective actions

Revised: Monday June 02 2014

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