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FAQ: Snow Removal on Regional Roads

Roads and Bridges

When do the Region's plows and salt trucks go out?

Salters are sent out at the start of the storm, and ploughs are sent to clear the roads when the snow on the roads is accumulating faster than the salt can melt it away.

Why is Dixie Road clear but my street is still covered?

Since Dixie Road is a main road with high traffic volume, it is cleared first. Streets with less traffic volumes and lower speeds are cleared after the main roads.

Regional vs. municipal roads – who’s responsible for snow clearing?

The Region of Peel is responsible for clearing and maintaining 1666 lane kilometres of regional roads which are the main roads that carry high volume traffic and generally have higher driving speeds than local roads.

Local roads are maintained by the municipalities and comprised of priority, local and residential roads. For winter maintenance of these roads, please visit your municipalities’ website:

Who clears the bridges and the sidewalks on the bridges?

The Region of Peel clears the snow from bridges to allow pedestrian traffic to walk safely over the bridge.

I damaged my car on a pothole. Who'll reimburse me?

Property damage reports involving Regional Roads should be forwarded to the Risk Management Office at 905-791-7800 or for assessment.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Who clears the sidewalks and multi-use trails?

The area municipalities (Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga) are responsible for clearing the snow from the sidewalks and multi-use trails along main roads.

The Region of Peel plowed snow to the bottom of my driveway. Will you come back and remove it?

The Region tries to minimize the amount of snow we plow into the driveways during snow plowing, but we don't clear driveways.

Can the plow lift its wing blade to avoid filling in my driveway?

No. Lifting the wing takes time. Lifting the wing over and over would cause too many delays when clearing all of the snow from our roads. This loss of time would cost more money to clear the roads.

The Region of Peel piled snow too high at the end of my driveway, and I can't see to exit my driveway safely. What happens now?

Please contact the Region at 905-791-7800. A roads supervisor will investigate the situation and have the snow moved if the situation is unsafe.

Personal Property

I believe that the Region of Peel knocked down my mailbox. Will you replace it with the same one that was there? Do I get reimbursed for my custom mailbox?

The Region of Peel replaces mailboxes and posts with a standard box and cedar post only. Requests for replacement of custom boxes should be sent directly to the Risk Management Office 905-791-7800, or for assessment.