About Regional Emergency Management (REM) Program

Who we are; what we do

Peel and its area municipalities (the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon) have their own emergency management programs.

Our focus is on being ready, being prepared - encouraging Peel residents to be more resilient.

The Region of Peel's program is called the Regional Emergency Management (REM) Program.

REM's goal

The program’s goal is to further enhance Peel as a disaster resilient community: a community that's better prepared to respond and recover from a significant emergency.

In Ontario, the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) R.S.O. 1990, c.E.9; EMCPA Ontario Regulation 380/04, and the Provincial Emergency Response Plan (PERP) set the minimum emergency management standards all municipalities must meet.

REM works with area municipalities to ensure that:

  • The Region is ready to respond to a significant emergency in Peel.
  • People living and working in Peel:
    • Know about the potential hazards in their communities.
    • Have the knowledge and understanding they need to handle any emergency situation.

The REM Team

Region of Peel Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC)
A CEMC ensures that a municipality's program meets the legislated requirements of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Region of Peel CEMC:

  • Works closely with the Regional Chair, councillors, commissioners and department / organization emergency management leads.
  • Works cooperatively with the CEMCs in other municipalities and emergency management leads.
  • Identifies potential hazards and risks in Peel Region.
  • Reviews and evaluates the Region of Peel Emergency Plan (ROPEP) each year to make sure it's up-to-date.
  • Trains Regional employees in their ROPEP emergency-response responsibilities.
  • Works closely with our provincial and federal levels of government.
  • Develops emergency management educational materials for the community and teaches Peel residents about:
    • Personal and family emergency preparedness.
    • Protecting yourself from the specific hazards Peel Region faces.

About Region of Peel Emergency Management Specialists

Region of Peel Emergency Management Specialists:

  • Coordinate REM's education program.
  • Help review and evaluate the Region of Peel Emergency Plan (ROPEP).
  • Present emergency management-related issues to the community.
  • Provide emergency management training and exercises for Regional staff.
  • Coordinate Regional activities to promote emergency management procedures (e.g., Emergency Preparedness Week).

REM's partners

The Region of Peel collaborates with the following:

Regional Divisions

First Responders

Municipal Emergency Management Offices

Provincial and Federal Emergency Management

Volunteer organizations


  • Neighbouring regions / municipalities
  • Local hospitals, school boards and utilities (hydro, natural gas)
  • Industry Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) Groups - Chemical Producers Association
  • Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)

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