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Cordon Count ProgramCordon Count Program

The Cordon Count Program collects data on how vehicles and people travel in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Together with other GTA Regional municipalities and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Peel Region carries out full counts every 5 years and partial counts in between. The latest full counts and partial counts were completed in 2006 and 2009.

The Region of Peel relies on this data to estimate future trends for passenger, vehicle, truck and transit trends, and to plan Peel's transportation system.

Cordon Count data:

  • Provides the auto occupancy information we need to support High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and carpooling initiatives.
  • Tells us how many people are using transit, and how many are using vehicles.
  • Helps us monitor growth and impacts on road and transit facilities of various new developments.
  • Tells us how many and which types of commercial vehicles use Peel’s roads.
  • Validates the forecast of the Region of Peel Travel Demand Forecasting Model
  • Is used as input for the Capital Roads Program and phasing of development in the Region.

Data collection

Cordon Count data is collected at counting stations. These stations are located at major crossings, rail lines and building entrances throughout the Region.
Traffic data is recorded every 15 minutes over a 15-hour period, Mondays to Thursdays, from May to June.

Data types

Cordon Count traffic data includes:

  • The total number of vehicles by modes (the different types of transportation including transit).
  • The total number of vehicles during different times of the day (such as rush hour).
  • How many people are in the vehicles (such as carpooling).
  • How many vehicles cross screen-lines/boundaries.
  • How many people are using transit.
  • The “Modal split”: the number of trips or percentage of travelers who use a certain type of transportation.

Peel Cordon Count summaries and reports



More information

To learn more about the Cordon Count Program, please contact:

Wayne Chan
Manager, Sustainable Transportation
Transportation Planning, Public Works
Region of Peel
Tel:  905-791-7800 ext. 4405

Mailing Address: 

Region of Peel
10 Peel Centre Dr., Suite A, 6th Floor
Brampton, ON L6T 4B9

Revised: Wednesday October 19 2011

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