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You may have heard myths about administrative changes at Peel Paramedics.

These are the fast-and-easy facts. For more details, visit our Paramedic Changes in Caledon web page.


Paramedics are leaving Caledon.

No, not at all. They'll just be reporting to work at a station in Brampton instead. Paramedics will keep covering Caledon, and the same number of ambulances will be in Caledon as before.

As Caledon's population grows, so will the number of ambulances that serve its residents.


Lives will be put at risk.

The truth is that we save lives. We don't – and won't – risk them. Peel Paramedics deliver some of the best pre-hospital care in Canada, and that isn't changing.


Caledon is a bad place to have a heart attack.

No, not so. Peel's save rates are significantly better than anywhere else.


The current system in Caledon is perfect.

It's good, but we're going to make it better. Service improvements have already been successful in Brampton and Mississauga. Caledon residents deserve the same.


Ambulances will be responding from Brampton, not Caledon.

No, not at all. Minutes count. Ambulances will be sent to Caledon before the previous shift changes, which will ensure continuous medical coverage for residents. Paramedics might report to work and pick up their ambulances in Brampton, but they'll respond to Caledon emergencies from Caledon.


Emergency response time will be slower starting in 2019.

No, it won't. As a matter of fact, paramedics will be in Caledon to respond to Caledon emergencies. More paramedics will be sent to Caledon to cover ambulances assigned to calls. And more paramedics will be assigned to cover Caledon as the community grows.


Caledon will be left empty on shift change.

No, not so. There'll be no gaps in ambulance coverage at shift changes. Starting shifts at different times means that oncoming paramedics will be in Caledon before those ending their shifts are back at the reporting station.


There will only be one ambulance for all of Caledon.

In reality, Caledon is prioritized in the new system. The number of ambulances serving Caledon today will stay the same. They'll be automatically replaced by dispatch when another ambulance goes on a call.


Intimate knowledge of Caledon roads is critical.

No, not true. All paramedics across Peel rely on directions from their dispatcher and navigational technology. No-one – not even someone local – can keep up with minute-by-minute congestion and construction updates without technological help.


North Caledon residents won't have any ambulance coverage at all.

Truth is that all of Caledon is prioritized in the new system, not just Bolton. Dispatch makes sure the closest ambulance is sent to each call. That might be us, York, Simcoe, or Dufferin depending on how busy each ambulance service is at that time.


Management never listens to paramedics.

In fact, they do. There are many management-union-staff committees and working groups on all types of topics. Staff input is built into everything, from equipment purchase decisions to deployment protocols. But like any business, not every idea can be included in every decision.