If it wasn't supposed to feel this way, then tell me why couldn't you just stay.
You used to be comfortable….with not getting much and now all of a sudden it's not enough.

You actually want a life that's bigger than me, and if it were somebody else.
I'd definitely agree but it's you and me….well minus me.
So it's you without me plus all of your dreams.

I knew it was coming but didn't think you'd believe.
But it's true your evolving and eliminating things.
Things that don't represent who you are.

Basically things like me, me who is comfortable with just letting things be.
Not you because you all of a sudden got wings.
Flying away from anything that can hold you back.

Discernment off the Richter, there's no holding you back.
Back to the scared sad broken girl.
You picked her up healed her….now she's a woman with claws, cutting off excuses and friends with hidden clauses.

I guess this is my obituary I know, I'm no longer needed.
Just don't forget where you came from, but also don't look for me either.
Goodbye Queen from your former self…you are free but don't forget to level up from this too.

I've seen you in action and how evolution excites you.
All the best I guess, yeah it sucks pure stress.
But you know I'm not spiteful, DNR that's it …there can be no revival.

Jan Jenning