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Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision of Peel’s Future
The Region of Peel will be a healthy, vibrant and safe community that values its diversity and quality of life.

Corporate Mission Statement
The Region of Peel will serve its growing community through commitment, partnership, innovation and excellence.

Our Regional Values

  • Supportive and Respectful Environment
    We work in an environment that is positive, healthy, caring and free from discrimination.  We respect diversity and treat one another in ways that are fair, courteous and compassionate, recognizing everyone’s contributions.
  • Teamwork
    We practice teamwork, cooperation and collaboration, and reinforce these with a strong vision and positive leadership.
  • Effective Communication
    We practice open, two-way communication in a clear and honest manner.
  • Integrity
    We are ethical, professional and trustworthy in our work.
  • Quality Service
    We provide services that are accountable, accessible, responsive, efficient and effective.  We seek new and innovative ideas for improvement in policies, practices and services.

Our Mandate

Peel Long Term Care will continue its tradition of caring for our clients to ensure their dignity, independence, quality of life and ongoing community connections.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Sheridan Villa is an accredited Long Term Care Centre that is owned and operated by the Region of Peel. 

Sheridan Villa with pride, asks the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation to conduct an in-depth evaluation of our care, programs and services to determine that Sheridan Villa is meeting or exceeding the standards set out by this national independent body of professionals.  We have successfully received the highest award from this organization.

Our Model of Care

Sheridan Villa offers a model of care that supports the residents’ level of cognitive, physical ability, social, emotional and spiritual needs, strengths, values and desires.  The care team utilises principles of continuous quality improvement to promote efficient and effective service delivery by way of ongoing monitoring and outcome analysis. Residents reside within the home based on their level of care needs and cognitive function. Transfer may occur from unit to unit, based on assessment of care needs, cognitive function and safety requirements.

We have adopted the Edenization principle which places emphasis on the residents’ quality of life.  The physical environment of the home is made more home-like with the addition of plants, greenery and animals.  Families are welcome to bring their pets into the home for visits.

Management Team

Our management team is made up of experienced professionals who are available Monday to Friday to answer your questions:

  • Administrator
  • Director of Care
  • Supervisor of Activation & Volunteer Services 
  • Supervisor of Business Services 
  • Supervisor, Adult Day & Community Services
  • Social Worker
  • Dietary Services Supervisor
  • Facility Services Supervisor

Adobe PDF logoA current telephone contact list is inserted for your convenience and also posted on the “Family News Board” located in the front hallway.

Residents’, Family Members’ and Friends’ Responsibilities:

To ensure that our Centre is an enjoyable and safe place, it is important that

  • Each resident, family member and visitor observe the rules and policies of the Centre.
  • Each resident, family member and visitor shall respect the rights and privacy of others.
  • Each resident, family member and visitor shall treat others, including staff and volunteers, with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Privacy Health Information

Sheridan Villa Long Term Care Centre provides you with a variety of health care services.  To meet your needs and provide you with quality service, Sheridan Villa Long Term Care Centre needs to know personal health information about you.

We take steps to protect your personal health information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal.  We conduct audits and complete investigations to monitor and manage our privacy compliance.  We take steps to ensure that everyone who performs services for us protect your privacy and only use your personal health information for the purposes for which you have consented.

This personal health information about you is collected from you or from the person legally acting on your behalf to help provide health care or receive payments for health care.  We use this information and share it only with those who need to know the information.

If you would like to know more about how your personal health information is collected, used, stored, disclosed, or about our privacy protection practices, or to raise a concern you have with our practices, please speak with your Director of Care or the Centre’s Administrator.  You may also speak with our privacy contact person, the Director of Long Term Care at 905-791-7800.

Prevention, Reporting and Elimination of Abuse Policy

The Region of Peel Long Term Care has a zero tolerance abuse policy.  It is consistent with the standards of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Abuse means any physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or financial abuse as well as any form of exploitation or neglect of residents and clients.  At our Centre, we do not tolerate any form of abuse.  Our residents and clients must be treated with respect and dignity at all times by staff, service providers, visitors and volunteers.

We handle all allegations of abuse in a confidential manner, investigate them carefully, and take appropriate actions.  Our Centre will ensure that people who report incidents of abuse will not be penalized.

All of us are legally, morally and ethically obligated to report any incidents of abuse we witness.  At our Centre, we will accept and act upon anonymous reports; however, our ability to take meaningful and effective follow-up action may be compromised.

Process for Raising a Concern

Most of the time, relations between residents and staff at Sheridan Villa go pretty smoothly, but once in a while something goes wrong.   It is our hope that should a circumstance arrive where you are disappointed, you will communicate this to us. 

The following are some ways in which to register your concern:

  • Talk to the charge nurse or Director of Care on the floor
  • Attend Resident or Family Council meetings
  • Talk to the Administrator by coming to the front office or by telephone
    (905) 791-8668 ext. 2906
  • Write a letter to the Administrator
  • Contact the Ministry of Health if you believe we have not resolved the problem
  • Call the ministry INFOline at 1-866-532-3161
    Or the Hamilton Service Area Office at 1-800-461-7137

Revised: Thursday July 29 2010

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