Long Term Care

Pandemic Influenza Plan - 2012

Download this complete report in PDF format (389KB, 65 pages)

The Peel Long Term Care Pandemic Influenza Plan was developed to guide long-term care staff in their response to a pandemic influenza in their community or centre. The Plan is synchronized with the national, provincial and local pandemic responses and reflects current scientific knowledge and planning principles.

The Plan is part of a comprehensive Emergency Plan for each of the Region of Peel’s Long Term Care Centres. The Pandemic Plan was developed by Peel Long Term Care with support from expert resources.

As Pandemic planning is an ongoing and dynamic process, the Plan will be reviewed on a regular basis, in conjunction with the centres’ emergency plans, to ensure it remains aligned with national, provincial and local plans and reflects current knowledge on pandemic influenza.

This report includes the following sections and chapters:

Section 1: Overview

Section 2: Roles And Responsibilities

Section 3: Long Term Care Response Components

Appendix A:

Appendix B:

Appendix C:

Appendix D:



This plan has been prepared by The Regional Municipality of Peel (the “Region”) for internal use only and is not intended for use by any other party or as professional advice. The information in this plan is being provided solely for the Region’s purposes and the sharing of this plan does not create a business or professional services relationship between the Region and the reader. Any reliance on the information contained in this plan is entirely at the user’s own risk, and the Region shall not be responsible therefore. The plan and the copyright therein are owned solely by the Region and the plan may not be used or reproduced without the Region’s prior written consent.

Revised: Monday March 04 2013

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