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Mission and Vision Statements

The Region of Peel will be a healthy, vibrant and safe community that values its diversity and quality of life.

The Region of Peel will serve its growing community through commitment, partnership, innovation and excellence.

Our Regional Values

  • Supportive and Respectful Environment
    We work in an environment that is positive, healthy, caring and free from discrimination.  We respect diversity and treat one another in ways that are fair, courteous and compassionate, recognizing everyone’s contributions.
  • Teamwork
    We practice teamwork, cooperation and collaboration, and reinforce these with a strong vision and positive leadership.
  • Effective Communication
    We practice open, two-way communication in a clear and honest manner.
  • Integrity
    We are ethical, professional and trustworthy in our work.
  • Quality Service
    We provide services that are accountable, accessible, responsive, efficient and effective.  We seek new and innovative ideas for improvement in policies, practices and services.

Malton Village Management Team

Our management team is made up of experienced professionals who are available Monday to Friday to answer your questions:

  • Administrator
  • Director of Care
  • Supervisor of Activation & Volunteer Services 
  • Supervisor of Activation & Community Services
  • Social Worker
  • Business Services Supervisor 
  • Dietary Services Supervisor
  • Facility Services Supervisor

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What to Bring on Pre-Admission Day

  • 1 void cheque
  • 1 blank cheque to pay for the first month and for a trust account deposit
  • Power of Attorney documents (Personal Care and Property/Finances)
  • Health Card and Social Insurance Card (original cards, no copies please)

Please note that all residents need to have the Resident Agreement signed prior to admission.

What to Bring on Admission Day

  • Clothing
  • Personal effects (toiletries, costume jewellery etc)
  • A list of all medications

Suggested Clothing List

Female Male
~ 6 dresses and or slacks and tops ~ 6 pairs of trousers/ shirts
~ 2 sweaters/cardigans ~ 2 sweaters/cardigans
~ 6 bras, 12 pairs of underwear ~ 12 pairs of underwear
~ 2 pairs of shoes (no heels please) ~ 2 pairs of shoes
~10 pairs of socks ~ 10 pairs of socks
~ 1 housecoat ~ 1housecoat
~ 5 nightgowns ~ 5 pairs of pyjamas
~ 1 pair of slippers ~ 1 pair of slippers

Where possible, we recommend bringing items that are machine washable and dryable. Non-slip foot wear is recommended, and washable shoes are preferred.

If the resident is able to go outside and on trips and outings please also include outdoor clothing (winter coat/boots/gloves, lighter jacket for spring and summer).

The laundry staff will label all clothing/footwear on admission. Please record all clothing items on the inventory list provided on admission. Any additional clothing brought in must be added to the inventory list. Please check in additional items of clothing at the Reception Desk to be sent for labelling.  Due to the lack of storage space, we encourage you to only keep appropriate seasonal clothing at the Centre.

Please note that Malton Village does not permit Residents use of bean bag hot packs.  Please speak to a Registered Nurse for ideas of alternatives to these items.

If you have any concerns or questions related to what to bring please do not hesitate to contact staff.

Revised: Thursday July 29 2010

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