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revised February 17, 2023

Arrow BulletTobacco and Smoking

You CAN live a smoke-free life

Are you:

  • Trying to quit smoking?
  • Worried your child might start to smoke?
  • Wondering how smoking is affecting your health?
  • Concerned about second-hand smoke?

Find answers and start working towards a smoke-free life today:

Smoke-Free Housing Ontario Logo

Arrow BulletSmoke-Free Homes

Learn more about smoke-free housing options.

Arrow Bullet Help to Quit Smoking

  • Thinking About Quitting?
    • Making the decision to quit smoking is an important step to improving your health.
    • Take the time to plan your quit attempt!
    • Make a list of your reasons for smoking AND quitting.
    • Record how many, and when you smoke each cigarette and consider which ones would be easier to eliminate from your daily routine.
    • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about using stop-smoking medications. Used with counselling, these can increase your chances of success.
    • Set a quit date.
    • Find a non-smoking buddy to help you.
    • Anticipate challenges and think of ways to overcome cravings.
    • Quitting is not easy! If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Each attempt is an important step towards becoming smoke-free!
  • Resources:

Arrow Bullet How Smoking Harms Health

Arrow BulletSecond-Hand Smoke

Arrow BulletSmoke-Free Spaces

  • Smoke-Free Homes
    The importance of smoke-free homes and how to make yous smoke-free.
  • Smoke-Free Cars
    Why you should - and how you can make your vehicle smoke-free.

Tobacco-free sport and recreation

Arrow BulletTobacco-Free Sports

Arrow BulletYouth & Smoking

Arrow BulletSmoking & Pregnancy

Arrow BulletTobacco & the Law

Arrow BulletFor Health Professionals

  • Smoking Cessation
    For Health Professionals looking for resources on smoking cessation

Arrow BulletVaping

  • Vaping is inhaling an aerosol created by an electronic cigarette or other vaping device. Learn about the health risks of vaping.

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Revised: February 17, 2023

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