Sexuality & Aging: Resources

Recommended Books

  • Better Than I Ever Expected, Joan Price (2005)
    A playful guide to older-life sexuality. Shares first-hand experiences of the author and other women, offering insight into menopausal sex, ways sex can be more satisfying and techniques for overcoming common issues.
  • The New Love and Sex After 60, Robert N. Butler and Myrna I. Lewis (2002)
    Covers of the effects of normal aging on sexuality; how to overcome roadblocks; physical and emotional sexual fitness; single-hood and relationships; sexual enhancement tips and dating and remarriage.
  • All Night Long: How to Make Love to a Man Over 50, Barbara Keesling (2005)
    Focuses on ways to enhance intimacy while coping with the normal and gradual decline of male sexual response.
  • Modern Love: A No-Nonsense Guide to a Life of Passion, Sallie Foley (2006)
    A collection of answers to the most poignant and provocative questions sent to AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Magazine's "Modern Love" column. Reveals candid and frank responses about sex, love, and relationships at age 40 and beyond.

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