Quiz: Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

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What makes a relationship "healthy"?

Think about your current relationship or a relationship you would like to have with someone. Then take the quiz below.

Each quality listed in the quiz below plays an important part in the development of a safe, fulfilling and healthy relationship. Ask yourself how important each one is to you.

If you’re in a relationship, ask your partner to take the quiz too. Then compare your answers. Do you both feel the same? Are there any differences? Discuss what’s important - or not important - to both of you.

Couples who have a good relationship know how to nurture their bond. Establishing what’s important to you and your partner from the start will help you deal with difficulties you might face in the future.

How Important is it for you to have these
qualities in your relationship?
A lot
A little
Not at all


Laughing together
Being able to talk about how far you will go sexually
Accepting that moodiness, disagreements, and mistakes occur
Accepting differences in each other
Sharing some of the same interests
Physical attraction
Being good friends
Trusting each other
Not having to change the person you are
Talking easily, open communication
Making an effort to work out disagreements

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