Quiz: Should You or Shouldn't You?

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Your reasons for having or not having sex are yours alone. You - and only you - can truly judge if you're ready to have sex or not.  

This brief quiz asks you to answer important questions about your knowledge, values and feelings about having sex. Answering each question truthfully will help you decide.

When you’ve finished the quiz, ask your partner to take it too.



Do both my partner and I feel ready to have sex now?


Have my partner and I talked about what having sex means to our relationship?


Do I know my reasons for deciding to have sex now?


Will I feel good about myself if I have sex now?


Am I sure no one is pressuring me to have sex?


Can I say "No" to sex without feeling guilty?


Can my partner and I openly discuss the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy?


Do my partner and I know enough about how to prevent sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy?


Are we responsible enough to use condoms and a method of birth control every time we have sex?


Are we ready to handle the possible consequences of being sexually active?


If the relationship breaks up, will I regret having had sex with this person?

If either of you answered "NO" to any question, now is probably NOT the right time for you to be sexually active.

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