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revised Thursday October 11 2007
Physical Changes
The Pituitary Gland and Hormones
Ovulation and Menstruation
Wet Dreams
Emotional Changes
Social Changes

Sexuality Information for Teachers

What changes will young people experience during adolescence?

By the time students reach grade nine, they will be in various stages of puberty. Many teens have begun changing physically and will be experiencing emotional and social changes as well.  The following information includes some of the most prevalent changes experienced throughout adolescence.

Physical Changes:

Increase in the production of estrogens Production of testosterone
May develop acne May develop acne
Perspiration will increase which may cause body odour Perspiration will increase which may cause body odour
Hair will grow on the body Hair will grow on the body
Hips broaden Shoulders and chest broaden
Breasts develop Testes and scrotal sac mature
Pubic hair develops Pubic hair develops
Voice changes and gets deeper (Larynx grows) Voice changes and gets deepers (Larynx grows)
Underarm and leg hair grows Underarm, leg hair and facial hair grows
Menstruation begins Penis grows
Wet dreams can occur Wet dreams can occur

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Revised: Thursday October 11 2007

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