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revised July 26, 2007

Seniors' Health Report 2006

Arrow BulletBarriers to Health

  • In Peel in 2003, female seniors (57%) were more likely than male seniors (46%) to report that they sometimes or often experienced any activity limitation. In addition, Peel seniors aged 65 to 74 years were less likely to report having any activity limitation compared to those aged 75 years and older.

  • Forty-eight per cent of female seniors in Peel reported that they needed some type of assistance with daily tasks compared to 25% of male seniors. Twenty-seven per cent of 65- to 74-year-olds needed some help with daily activities compared to 52% of those aged 75 years and older in Peel.

  • Abuse of seniors does occur, although it can be a hidden problem for which data in Peel is not available. In most cases, the abuse is perpetrated by someone the senior knows. In cases of family violence against Canadian seniors, adult children and spouses accounted for two-thirds (66%) of abusers in 2003.

  • Some seniors are at higher risk of abuse than others such as older seniors; women; those socially isolated; those with reduced cognitive capacity; those with disabilities who are dependent; or seniors cared by someone with an alcohol or drug problem. Isolation and risk of abuse can also be the result of poverty, illiteracy, not speaking French or English or coming from a culture with different notions of abuse and neglect. Given the large proportion of seniors in Peel who belong to different cultures or who cannot speak English or French, abuse may be a problem which needs to be addressed.

Barriers to Health (PDF 5 pages, 198KB)

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Revised: July 26, 2007

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