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revised April 04, 2011
State of the Region's Health Report: Focus on Suicide

Arrow BulletChapter 4 - Diseases Spread by Close Personal Contact
Diseases spread by close personal contact are most often passed between family members or people who share living arrangements. Transmission also occurs among casual contacts, but is much less likely since repeated, close and prolonged exposure is usually required for infection. Streptococcal and meningococcal infections are spread from the nasal and throat secretions of a person infected by or carrying the bacteria. Infections can occur through direct contact or from large droplets produced by coughing and sneezing. Many people carry these organisms without being sick. Some types of meningococcal disease can be prevented by immunization. Tuberculosis (TB) is spread in the air when a person coughs up TB bacteria from their lungs.

Chapter 4 - Diseases Spread by Close Personal Contact (PDF 51KB, 6 pages)

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