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revised March 07, 2012

Arrow BulletCommunicable Disease 1995-2004 Report

The Communicable Disease 1995-2004 report is the latest in a series of annual
reports on communicable diseases published by Peel Public Health. This report
is part of Peel Public Health’s ongoing series of health status reports describing
the health of the region’s population.

Communicable diseases are illnesses caused by organisms or the toxins they
produce. They are spread directly from an infected person, animal or
environmental source. Transmission can also occur indirectly by contaminated
animals and objects.

The Communicable Disease 1995-2004 report highlights data on selected
communicable diseases that are a public health concern because of their
potential for spread to a large number of people and their ability to cause serious
illness. Diseases meeting these criteria but which are rare in Peel are included in
the Appendix. Data for this report are obtained through the Reportable Disease
Information System (RDIS). For more details please refer to the Data Sources
and Methods section.

Cover Page GraphicThis report includes the following sections and chapters:

A complete copy of the report is available in PDF format: The Communicable Disease 1995-2004 Report. (PDF 324KB, 55 pages)

To save the PDF to disk, right click on the link above and choose "Save Target As..." from the menu.

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Revised: March 07, 2012

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