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Toddlers & Preschoolers
Last Reviewed: March 2017

Play, Learning and Development


From the very beginning of your child's life, he's engaging in play with you. It might be as simple as:

  • following your face as you move it slowly from one side of his to the other
  • reaching his arms up for a toy you're holding out in front of him
  • listening to your voice as you sing to him during his diaper change

Whenever you interact and play with your child his brain is at work - learning and exploring. His brain develops when he tries new physical activities such as walking, running and jumping.
Toddlers and preschoolers use play to learn about their surroundings and how to perform every day activities. Parents and caregivers can get their children involved in activities by turning everyday chores into games (including active movement), making learning fun! This will help your child develop skills that will help him throughout his life. Remember to include grandparents, aunts and uncles in your child's playtime.

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