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Last Reviewed: April 2017
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Preparing for Pregnancy: The Basics

Ideally, planning for pregnancy should start three months before you get pregnant. Before you get pregnant you need to think about how a baby will affect your life. Are you and your partner healthy? Do you have a good relationship? What are the financial implications of a baby?

For Moms-to-Be Eat healthy. Take Folic Acid. Stop smoking. Don't drink. Exercise. These are some of the things you may think about when planning to have a baby. Are you really ready for motherhood? What supports do you have - partner, family and friends? What about work - how will the reduced income affect your family?

For Dads-to-be We used to think that all a man needed to do to prepare for a baby was save some money and set up the crib, but many things contribute to having a healthy baby. You are not silent partners in the making of a baby. Your health plays an important role in your ability to create a baby and to have healthy children.

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Revised: Thursday June 22 2017

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