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Physical Check

Both men and women benefit from a check-up prior to pregnancy. If you have had problems with a previous pregnancy, have a medical condition or are taking medications, you may need specialized care before, during and after pregnancy.

Have you or your partner had infections such as chicken pox or rubella (German measles)? If not, you need to be immunized before pregnancy.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI's) may make it difficult to get pregnant and can harm an unborn baby. Some STIs, like Chlamydia have no signs or symptoms. If left untreated, STIs can lead to infertility. There are many other STIs including HIV/AIDS. Talk to your health-care provider about being tested for STIs.

Learn how to prevent a pregnancy until you are ready to start your family.

  • I booked my 'health before pregnancy' check-up with my health-care provider
  • My immunization are up-to-date
  • I have been tested for sexually transmitted infections

For more information:

Region of Peel - Public Health
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
to speak with a Public Health Nurse

Caledon residents call free of charge at 905-584-2216

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Revised: Tuesday July 09 2019

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