Parenting Demands and Responsibilities

I’m ready to be a parent
I’m financially prepared to become a mother. I know the costs of raising a child
I know how much my child will change my life

Personal Health

Mental Health, Emotions and Feelings

I’m a positive thinker
I accept only what I can handle
I prevent my anger from getting out of control
I know the signs of depression and postpartum depression. I know who to call for help

Physical Health

I booked my ‘health before pregnancy’ check-up with my health-care provider
My immunizations are up-to-date
I’ve been tested for sexually transmitted infections
I’m a healthy weight
I know the signs of an eating disorder


I eat healthy meals and snacks
I eat foods rich in folic acid daily
I take a multivitamin with 0.4mg of folic acid

Exercise and Fitness

I walk during my work breaks and sometimes take the stairs
I enjoy many physical activities or playing sports a few times a week

Sleep and Stress Level

I usually sleep well and feel rested
I can cope with stress in my life
I balance time spent at work and at home
I get support when I feel worried or anxious

Healthy Lifestyle and Habits

Tobacco Smoking

I don’t smoke cigarettes
My home is smoke-free
Family members and guests smoke outside
I stay away from second-hand smoke

Alcohol, Drugs and Caffeine

Iíve reduced my intake of coffee, tea or pop
I read the labels of over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin, cold medications and natural remedies
I donít drink alcohol
I donít use drugs like marijuana and cocaine

Read more about things to reduce and avoid as you prepare to conceive.

Environment: Home and Work

I’m aware of the effect of chemicals at my workplace
I’m aware of the effects of chemicals in products I use at home.
I garden with gloves and avoid pesticides.

Relationships and Support System

I have people with whom I can share my feelings
I feel safe – physically, sexually and emotionally – with my partner and my family

Family Health

I know the health history of my family and my partner
I’m aware of certain genetic conditions and inherited diseases in my family and my partner’s family


I know that breastmilk is the healthiest food for my baby
Iím aware of the risks of formula feeding
I know where to get reliable breastfeeding information, before and after my baby is born

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