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Last Reviewed: April 2017

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How Supportive is Your Employer?

Key Info

  • Learn about your employer’s maternity-leave policies before you try to get pregnant; employers in Ontario don’t have to pay anyone who’s on pregnancy or parental leave.
  • Meet with your human resource representative about maternity leave options.

Most companies realize that recruiting and retaining skilled, loyal employees means creating and fostering family-friendly work policies.

But not all companies have a family-friendly care environment.

  • Ask colleagues you can trust about their experiences with maternity leave
  • Read your employee benefits handbook cover-to-cover
  • Meet with your human resource representative about your maternity leave options

In Ontario, pregnant employees have the right to take up to 17 weeks of unpaid time off work. While some companies will “top up” (pay additional money) to your EI benefits, employers are not legally bound to pay anyone who is on pregnancy or parental leave.

Once you know your rights and your company’s maternity leave policy, consider how much time off you can afford. Then prepare a tentative financial plan for handling a reduced income while you’re away from work.  

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Revised: Friday June 23 2017

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