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  • Observe your role model to learn how to handle parenting challenges.
  • Having a support network will make your transition to motherhood easier.
  • Recruit a family doctor, a lactation consultant and moms into your support network.
  • Connect with a mothers’ group while you’re planning your pregnancy.

Both joys and challenges come with motherhood. Mixed feelings about becoming a mother are normal.

Finding good role models and building a solid support system will help you make decisions that are right for you.

Finding Good Role Models

A role model is a mother you talk to and watch closely to see how she handles different parenting situations or challenges. Observing your role model in action can help you learn how to handle the emotional, physical and financial changes that motherhood brings.

To find your role models, think about the mothers you admire or want to try to be like. Your role model can be anyone you know: a relative, a friend, a business colleague or a neighbour.

As you spend time with your role model, consider what it is about her attitude or behaviour that you really value. Pinpoint what motivates her to be a good mom; note how she deals with the problems and challenges of motherhood and watch how she relates to her partner and children.

Building Your Support System

Recruiting these people into your support network will make your transition to motherhood easier:

A family doctor
A family doctor is your first professional guide in the world of motherhood. A family doctor will not only tend to your future baby’s health, but may also refer you to parenting classes and invaluable information about local resources.

A lactation consultant
Breastfeeding means giving your baby the best possible start in life.

Talk with a lactation consultant to learn all you can about preparing to breastfeed. Connect with other breastfeeding moms by contacting La Leche League.

Mothers (new and experienced!)
No one can give you insight into the joys and challenges of motherhood like a mom.

Keep in close contact with the mothers in your life — your mom, sisters or sisters-in-law and friends with children — to answer your questions, help you make decisions and give you insight into how having children will change your life.

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