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Examining Your Relationship

Key Info

  • Being a parent takes an emotional toll on mothers and fathers.
  • Having a baby doesn’t make a bad relationship better — it only adds to the stress.
  • Knowing your relationship is a healthy way to start your family.

Examining Your Relationship

Parenthood can take a huge emotional toll on mothers and fathers. Is your relationship strong enough to handle the constant demands of a baby?

Having a baby doesn’t make a bad relationship better — it only adds to the stress.

Examining your relationship means being willing to:

  • Prepare yourself for honest, powerful conversation
  • Do a lot of soul-searching
  • Speak about unresolved issues
  • Have insights into yourself, your partner, and your relationship that may require additional consideration and conversation

Read and complete the three exercises below with your partner. They will help you examine your relationship and test your readiness to become parents.

Exercise 1: How Do Your Values and Beliefs Compare?

Start your family in a healthy way. Know your relationship. Your values and beliefs about togetherness speak volumes about how you’ll treat each other in a relationship.

Check the list below then see how your answers compare:

A great relationship is…


My Partner


Making decisions for each other

Caring and sharing

Feeling safe from harm

Getting pregnant


Trust and honesty

Strong feelings

Recognizing differences


Making time only for each other



Feeling free to get as angry as you want




Discussing feelings, successes, mistakes

Expressing myself, my thoughts & feelings

Exercise 2: Pre-parenting Promises

As a couple you have certain strengths you can build on. Which aspect(s) would you like to improve?

We would like to get better at …
We would like to first tackle …
We will do these things …
We can count on help from …

Exercise 3: Your Readiness for Parenthood

  • I want a baby because …
  • I feel the time is right for me and my partner
  • My family is pressuring me 
  • My" biological clock is ticking"
  • My friends are pressuring me
  • I think it’s something society expects me to do
  • In my relationship, I: 
  • Trust, respect and love my partner
  • Share responsibilities
  • I’m ready to handle the major changes a baby will bring to my…
  • Relationship
  • Social life
  • Finances
  • Living arrangement

  • My partner and I share religious, moral, and ethical values
  • I do/don’t like children
  • I did/didn’t enjoy my childhood
  • I could cope if I were left alone
  • I have a wide support network

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