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Each child is born with a special and unique way of responding to his environment. This is known as temperament and is reflected in your child’s behaviour.

Your child’s temperament changes as he grows and develops. It also changes in response to different people and places.

As a parent, it is important to understand your child’s temperament so that you respond to his behaviour in a way that respects your child’s unique characteristics.

It is also important to recognize that as a parent you may have a different temperament than your child. Understanding and respecting these differences may require you to change your behaviour. This will help to contribute to the development of a healthy relationship with your child.

Understanding your child’s temperament
Use the following as a guide to understand and respond sensitively to your child:

  • How active your child is during sleeping, playing, eating and bathing
  • How easily your child settles into a routine
  • How your child handles new situations
  • How sensitive your child is to stimulation
  • How intensely your child responds to things
  • What your child’s general mood is like
  • How long your child can attend to an activity
  • How easily your child is distracted from what he is doing

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