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revised March 23, 2021

Health Protection


Swimming and Water Recreation

Injuries and the spread of illness can be a concern when using public pools, spas, beaches, splash pads and wading pools. To help you stay healthy, Peel Public Health monitors these facilities. Public Health Inspectors take samples to check that the water is safe to use and that there are no hazards that could cause injuries.

Click the links below for safety tips for swimmers, beach testing results, and important information for facility operators.

  • Safety Tips for Swimmers
  • Peel Beach Testing Program
  • Resources for operators
  • Blue-Green Algae
  • Safety tips for swimmers

    • Avoid using public pools, spas, beaches, splash pads and wading pools if you are sick or have an open wound.
    • Use pools and wading pools only if the water is clear enough to see the bottom.
    • Shower before entering the water.
    • Avoid swallowing water.
    • Supervise children and stay within arms reach.
    • Always stay with a buddy while swimming.
    • Follow the safety rules posted at the facility about playing, eating and drinking near the water.

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Revised: March 23, 2021

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