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Health Protection

Animals, bugs and pets

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Symposium Presentations

On November 1, 2011, the Region of Peel hosted a Bed Bug Symposium to educate Peel employees, landlords, property managers and other community workers about bed bugs and to help increase the community’s capacity to deal with infestations.

Experts in the field shared their knowledge and provided practical solutions to dealing with bed bugs.

Dr. Mark Nelder, Public Health Ontario

Identification: Bed Bug Biology, Behaviour and Resurgence (PDF 4Mb, 36 pages)

Sam Bryks, IPM Consultancy

Integrated Pest Management and Prevention Strategies (PDF 4.8Mb, 114 pages)

Shaun Lalla, Ministry of Environment

Pesticide Use and Product Classification (PDF 208Kb, 21 pages)

Dorothy Breininger, Expert Organizer from A&E’s “Hoarders”

Hoarding and Bed Bugs (PDF 48Mb, 55 pages)

Richard Grotsch, Toronto Community Housing Corp.

Toronto’s Bug and Scrub (PDF 4Mb, 36 pages)

Carmine Spadafora, St. Leonard’s Place Peel

Peel’s Bed Bug Preparation and Cleaning Program (PDF 357Kb, 11 pages)

Daniel Mackie, GreenLeaf Pest Control

Heat Treatment (PDF 523Kb, 10 pages)

Harry Fine, Landlord Solutions

Landlord and Tenant Rights (PDF 2.9Mb, 48 pages)

Michael Goldman, Purity Pest Control

Canine Scent Detection Demonstration (PDF 1.9Mb, 20 pages)

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