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revised March 24, 2011

Arrow BulletUnderstanding Yourself

Expressing Emotions by Expanding Your Feelings Vocabulary

Imagine This...

Imagine this is happening to you: Give the feeling a name...
Be expressive. Check the thesaurus.
How intense is the feeling?
Low Med High
You just won a million $$ in the lottery.
(They're not all this easy).
You have your driving test this afternoon.
Your closest friend forgot your birthday.
Your brother (sister / son / daughter) has music blaring, and you've asked him / her three times to turn it down.
You didn't get the job (or the promotion) you were hoping for.
It's very late and your partner (son /daughter) was expected home hours ago.
Your partner opens your mail by mistake.
Your co-worker changed a meeting time without consulting you.
You just had a great evening out with a new friend.
Your new friend doesn't call as promised.
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Feelings Vocabulary

  Core Feelings Intensity of The Feeling
Low Med High
Add to your "feeling word list" by thinking of interesting words for each of the 4 core emotions: sadness, anger, joy and fear, in low, medium and high intensities. Sadness      
Round out your list by thinking of words for other emotions such as: surprise, excitement, love, disgust, guilt. Surprise      
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Revised: March 24, 2011

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