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Clean Air Peel Initiatives

Urban Form

Urban form or the shape that our communities take can have an impact on air quality. Features such as low density, separated land uses and poor connectivity between the different land uses can contribute to an increased reliance on the private automobile and in turn, increased levels of air pollution. Building design can also lead to increased levels of air pollution as inefficient buildings use more energy.

Regional Official Plan Review - Air Quality Section

The Official Plan is Regional Council's long-term policy framework for decision making. It sets the Regional context for detailed planning by protecting the environment, managing resources, directing growth and setting the basis for providing Regional services in an efficient and effective manner.

The Government of Ontarioís Planning Act requires all municipalities to review their Official Plan every five years. The current Region Official Plan review began on February 15, 2007. As part of the review, 14 focus areas have been identified. Air Quality is one of the 14 focus areas. Other focus areas such as energy, transportation and sustainability are closely link to air quality.

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