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Clean Air Peel Initiatives


Poor air quality is closely linked to energy use because burning fossil fuels releases pollutants Air quality is affected by the amount of energy we use and the ways in which we produce it. The Region is involved in many initiatives aimed at conserving energy in Regional operations as well as using less polluting forms of energy.

Examples of Regional Initiatives

Energy Management Plan

Peel Regionís Energy Management Plan builds on the Regionís commitment to reduce corporate energy use and minimize the harmful social, economic and environmental effects of inefficient energy consumption.


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Traffic Signals and Lighting

The Region was involved in a joint venture signal replacement project with the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga. The project replaced existing incandescent lamps with LED type traffic signals. LED traffic signals result in significant energy savings and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


Environmentally Friendly Community Recycling Centres (CRC's)

Two Community Recycling Centres (Heart Lake in Brampton and Clarkson in Mississauga) are scheduled to be built. The CRCs are expected to consume 40 per cent less energy than a standard building. Green initiatives include:

  • Heating and cooling by ground source heat pumps (no direct use of fossil fuel)
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Green roof
  • Unique solar photovoltaic panels (approximately 6KW) on green roof connected to grid under Standard Offer Program)
  • Maximized natural lighting by windows and solatubes
  • Proposed "intelligent lighting design" for artificial lighting
  • Heat recovery ventilators
  • R 2000 insulation, triple glazed windows
  • Low water sanitary fixtures
  • Xeriscaped landscape (a landscaping method that uses drought-resistant plants which use less water)
  • Building automation system


Energy Audits and Retrofits

The Region has audited and retrofitted a number of facilities. One example involves a comprehensive energy audit of all water and waste water treatment plants, as well as all pumping stations in the South Peel system.


Renewable Energy

Examples of initiatives include:

    Solar Thermal Hot Water Heater at Ridgeway Child Care Centre

    The existing gas fired hot water heaters will be replaced with ultra high efficient, hot water heaters with a solar thermal component. Solar thermal heat system provide up to a 50 per cent reduction in natural gas consumption for domestic hot water heating.

    Green Roof Project for Malton Village Long Term Care Centre

    A demonstration green roof project is being developed at the Malton Village Long Term Care Centre. The green roof is expected to be approximately 2500 sq ft. Projects of this nature typically lead to a 20 per cent reduction in building cooling energy needs and lead to a reduction in the local urban heat island effect.

    Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)
    This effect occurs when surface temperatures in urban areas are higher than in neighbouring rural areas. The UHI effect occurs when vegetation is replaced by impermeable surfaces such as roads, asphalt, and concrete. Dark surfaces absorb the sunís rays and release energy as heat.

    Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) Project for Vera M. Davis Long Term Care Centre

    A 20 kwh roof mounted PV system will be installed at Vera M. Davis Long Term Care Centre. This will be the first project to participate in the provincial Standard Offer Program offering $0.42/kWh. The expected electrical generation for the solar PV system is approximately 22,000 kwh's per year.

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