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Clean Air Peel Initiatives


The Region is involved in a number of activities to raise awareness and increase education on the sources of air pollution, how to protect you and your familiesí health and how to reduce emissions.

Examples of Education Initiatives

Air Quality Health Index

The AQHI is a national health-based index to help you protect your health and the health of people in your care. The AQHI uses a simple 10-point scale to indicate the level of health risk associated with local air quality Ė the higher the reading, the greater the health risk and the greater the need to take precautions.

Conservation Peel

This site provides information about Peelís many conservation programs and services. The site also includes an easy-to-use interactive house that is filled with conservation tips for inside and outside of your home.


Smog is a problem that can affect everyone's health, even if you are healthy. To learn how you can protect your health and reduce smog, visit the Regionís Smog web site.

Pesticide Reduction

The use of pesticides can contribute to poor air quality. To learn more about pesticides and healthy lawn and garden tips, visit the Be Pesticide Aware website.

20/20 The Way to Clean Air

2020 Logo20/20 The Way to Clean Air is a campaign promoted by health units across the GTA to help individuals reduce home energy use and vehicle use by 20 per cent each.

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