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Key Highlights

  • The number of business bankruptcies in Peel Region continued to trend down in January – September 2019.
  • During the nine-month period, there were 38 business bankruptcies in Peel Region.
  • At 38 cases, the level of business bankruptcy in Peel was at a multi-year low.
  • Over the same period, net liability per business bankruptcy increased.

A total of 38 cases of business bankruptcies were recorded on Peel Region in January -September 2019, down from 54 cases recorded in the similar period of 2018.

The lower number of cases observed in 2019 extended the general downward trend in business bankruptcies in Peel Region since recession related highs recorded a decade earlier.

Net Liability of Business Bankruptcies

Although the number of business bankruptcies in Peel continued to fall in 2019, net liabilities increased by 81.4 per cent relative to 2018 resulting in higher net liability per case.