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Waste education

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Learn about the 3Rs, proper sorting and other topics related to waste management

These programs and resources are interactive, curriculum-connected, and are appropriate for teaching in-class and online learning. Most programs and resources can be completed within a class period and will help support EcoSchools certification.

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Waste lesson plans

Kindergarten to Grade 1 and Grades 9 to 12

Teach your students the '3Rs' and how to sort waste properly at home and at school. Grade 9-12 students will also explore other waste topics such as plastics and food waste.

Each lesson plan includes downloadable PowerPoint slides, worksheets, links to videos, and optional extension activities.

Access waste lesson plans

Virtual waste workshops

Grades 2 to 8

Waste workshops are live, virtual and engaging. They put the spotlight on current waste issues and will inspire students to reduce waste at home and school. For bookings, visit Ecosource. Virtual waste workshops are provided by Ecosource.

Lesson outlines for each grade:

Waste sorting online games

Entertaining online games teach the importance of waste sorting in a fun and engaging way.

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