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Thursday, June 21, 2001

Housing | Human Services | Management | Planning | Public Works


H-A. Housing
H-A1. Delegation of Authority for Reasonable Efforts Sign-Off
H-A2. Municipal Responses to Canada's Affordable Housing Crisis (For information)
H-A3. Federation of Canadian Municipalities - National Housing Policy Options Team
H-A4. Province of Ontario Interim Report on Affordable Rental Housing (For information)


Murray Calder, MP, requesting the Minister of Public Works and Government Services to Address Concerns Outlined in a Letter from the Mayor of the Town of Caledon regarding Affordable Housing (Receipt recommended)


HS-A. Healthy Lifestyles
HS-A1. New Research Report - Protection from Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke in Ontario

HS-B. Long Term Care
HS-B1. Status of Long-Term Care Beds Region of Peel (For information)

HS-C1. Cathy Szabo, Chief Executive Officer, Community Care Access Centre of Peel regarding the Community Care Access Centre of Peel's Community Report Card (Receipt recommended) (Report Card available in Clerk's)
HS-C2. Cathy Szabo, Chief Executive Officer, Community Care Access Centre of Peel advising that CUPE Local 2842, Representing Case Managers and Administrative Support Staff are on Strike (Receipt recommended)
HS-C3. Emil Kolb, Regional Chair, Region of Peel requesting that the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration meet with him to Discuss the Impact of the Government's Immigration Policies on the Property Tax Payers in the Region of Peel (Receipt recommended)
HS-C4. Aftab Khan, Owner of Just Desserts Mississauga regarding the Impacts of the Smoking By-law on his Business and the Lack of a Level Playing Field for all Restaurant Types (Referral to Health recommended)


PW-A. Administration
PW-A1. Resolution in Support of an Application by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) for Super Build 2001 Funding
PW-A2. Notices of Motion - Regional Participation in Design and Configuration of King Street and Coleraine Drive Intersection - Town of Caledon, Ward 4 (Deferral to a future meeting)
PW-A3. Closed Circuit Television Inspection of Sanitary Sewers - Extension of Contract (To be distributed when available)

PW-B. Engineering and Construction

Proposed Watermain Replacement on Dixie Road from Eglinton Avenue East to Highway 401, Project 00-1360 - City of Mississauga, Ward 5

PW-B2. Proposed Peel/York Inter-Regional Water Servicing Partnership
Presentation by Mitch Zamojc, Commissioner of Public Works; Joe Pennachetti, Treasurer and Commissioner of Finance and Cam Watson of CN Watson and Associates (To be distributed when available)
PW-B3. Additional Funding for the Construction of Watermain and Sanitary Sewer on Lynch Street, Projects 99-1640 and 99-2340 - City of Brampton, Ward 3

PW-C. Waste Management

Disposal of Hay Baler Caledon Landfill Site

PW-C2. Waste Management Subcommittee Minutes of Meeting held May 22, 2001

PW-D1. Town of Arnprior Resolution 107-2001 regarding Proposals for Ontario Municipalities and Participating Industries to Share 50/50 of the Net Cost of Residential Recycling Programs (Receipt recommended) (Deferred from the May 22, 2001 Waste Management Subcommittee Meeting)


M-A. Chief Administrative Officer
M-A1. Final Draft of the Region of Peel's Strategic Plan -- "Directions for Success: Investing in Peel's Future" (See also Items Related to Delegations/Presentations - Item 5a)

M-B. Legal Services

Joint Board Decision in the Matter of Development Proposal by Wat Lao Veluwanaram of Ontario (For information)

M-B2. Overview of the Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act, 2001 and Status of Affected Development Applications of Regional Interest (For information)

M-C. Clerk's
M-C1. RFP 2000 - 263P: Digital Black and White Print Facility Equipment

M-D. Ambulance and Emergency Programs
M-D1. Purchase of Defibrillators for Peel Regional Ambulance Services

M-E. Controller's Division

Broker Services and Insurance Coverage, Document #2001-072P

M-E2. Triannual Financial Report - April 2001 (For information)

M-F. Information and Technology
M-F1. Public Sector Network Update and Caledon Participation


Chris Hodgson, MPP, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Letter dated May 22, 2001, Announcing a Province-Wide Consultation on Smart Growth (Receipt recommended) (See also Item M-G2)

M-G2. Chris Hodgson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Letter dated May 17, 2001, Advising of the Government's Advancements Regarding Ontario's Smart Growth Agenda and a six-month Moratorium on all New Development on the Oak Ridges Moraine (Receipt recommended) (See also Item M-G1)
M-G3. Robert A. Richards, President and Chief Administrative Officer, Ontario Property Assessment Corporation (OPAC). Letter dated May 28, 2001, Providing an Update on OPAC's Improvement on Quality Customer Service (Receipt recommended)
M-G4. Miles Obradovich, Chair, Board of Directors, United Way of Peel Region. Letter dated May 14, 2001, Introducing Ms. Kathryn Pagonis as the New President and Chief Executive Officer for the United Way of Peel Region (Receipt recommended)
M-G5. News Release: "David Tilson introduces Bill to Save Caledon OPP", May 17, 2001 (Receipt recommended)
M-G6. David J. Johnson, Chair, Assessment Review Board (ARB) of Ontario. Letter dated May 14, 2001, Announcing that the Assessment Review Board's New Rules of Practice and Procedure are Effective June 1, 2001 (Receipt recommended)
M-G7. Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Letter dated May 8, 2001, Responding to the Regional Chair's Letter About the Supply of Radio Equipment for Land Ambulances (Receipt recommended)
M-G8. Joanne Monaghan, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). Letter dated May 11, 2001, Thanking Peel for its Submission to the FCM-CH2M HILL Sustainable Community Awards (Receipt recommended)
M-G9. J. Craig Mather, Chief Administrative Officer, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Letter dated May 14, 2001, Regarding 2001 Operating and Capital Budget and Levy Appointment for the Member Municipalities (Receipt recommended)
M-G10. W.W. Baldwin, CAO and Chair, 2001 Awards Committee, Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators' (CAMA). Letter dated April 25, 2001, Advising that the Region of Peel has been selected as the 2001 Winner of the Education Award for the Peel Children's Water Festival (Receipt recommended) (See also Item M-G11)
M-G11. W.W. Baldwin, CAO and Chair, 2001 Awards Committee, Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators' (CAMA). Letter dated April 30, 2001, Advising that the Region of Peel has been Recognized as the Runner-up Recipient for the Willis Award for Innovation for Peel's Financial Assessment Unit (Receipt recommended) (See also Item M-G10)
M-G12. The Honourable David Young, Attorney General, Minister Responsible for Native Affairs. Letter dated May 23, 2001, Congratulating Municipalities on the Successful Transfer of Jurisdiction of the Provincial Offences Act (POA) to the Municipal Sector (Receipt recommended)
M-G13. Hazel McCallion, Mayor, City of Misissauga. Letter dated June 1, 2001, Requesting that the Region of Peel Proceed to Pass a GO Transit Development Charges By-law Under the Existing Legislation and Commence Collection of Development Charges (Receipt recommended)


P-A. Administration

P-A1. Planning Department Organization (For information) (To be distributed when available)

P-B. Development Review and Transportation Planning
P-B1. Springdale Transportation Development Cap - Increase to 13, 000 Units
P-B2. Update regarding Region of Peel Airport Operating Area Policies and Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Matters

P-C. Planning Policy and Research
P-C1. Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing - The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and the City of Toronto

P-D1. Alessandro M. Di Cecco, Law firm of Di Cecco, Jones, Letter dated May 15, 2001, offering a Broader Vision of Regional Down-zonings, Golf Course Amendments and Efforts to Expand the Greater Toronto Services Board (GTSB) Powers at the Expense of Local Municipalities (Receipt recommended)
P-D2. Bryan Tuckey, Commissioner of Planning and Development Services Department, Region of York, Letter dated April 12, 2001, provides a Copy of the York Region Report on Greenlands Property Securement Strategy - A Legacy for our Future (Receipt recommended)

Housing | Human Services | Management | Planning | Public Works

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