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Thursday, February 15, 2001

Housing | Human Services | Management | Planning | Public Works


P-A. Development Review and Transportation Planning
P-A1. Sub-delegation of Subdivision and Condominium Approval Authority to the Town of Caledon

P-B. Planning Policy and Research
P-B1. Peel Agricultural Advisory Working Group Membership (PAAWG), 2001 - 2003

P-C1. Donald Barber, The Cawthra Ratepayers' and Residents' Association regarding Applewood Acres (Receipt recommended)
P-C2. Gary McNeil, Managing Director, GO Transit regarding Pay-for-Parking in GO Transit Lots (Receipt recommended)
P-C3. Greater Toronto Transit Authority - GO Transit - Agenda, January 19, 2001 (Receipt recommended)


H-A. Housing
H-A1. No Place Like Home - A Special Report by Frances Bula (For information)
H-A2. Rental Market in Peel Continues to Tighten (For information)

H-B. Property
H-B1. Transfer of Part of Region Owned Property to the Ministry of Transportation for the Widening of Highway #10 through the Village of Caledon, Town of Caledon, Ward 1
H-B2. Disposal of Region Owned Surplus Land, Southwest Corner of Peter Robertson Boulevard and Sunny Meadow Boulevard, City of Brampton, Ward 10
H-B3. Region Owned Property - Copper Rd. Works Yard, Request for Hydro Easement from Brampton Networks Inc. (Brampton Hydro) for Electrical Supply to the Future Homeless Shelter Building at 2 Copper Rd., City of Brampton - Ward 8
H-B4. Security Retrofit Project - Contract Award

H-C1. Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) - Canadian Housing Update - January 2001 (Receipt recommended)
H-C2. Joanne Monaghan, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities regarding the FCM National Housing Policy Options Team (Receipt recommended)
H-C3. Fred Cane, Heritage Conservation Officer, Heritage and Libraries Branch, Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation regarding the Ontario Heritage Properties Database (Receipt recommended)
H-C4. Steven W. Mahoney, MP, Mississauga West regarding correspondence received from Kimberley Jones, Student, on her plans to build a home for needy children (Receipt recommended)
H-C5. Canadian Property Management magazine article titled "Peel: Inspections Yield Consistent Data and Cost Savings" (Receipt recommended)
H-C6. Dorothy Ross, Mississauga Resident, acknowledging the Region's efforts to meet community housing needs (Receipt recommended)


HS-A. Sexual Health and Communicable Diseases
HS-A1. Hepatitis C Program Development (For information)

HS-B. Healthy Lifestyles
HS-B1. Association of Local Public Health Agencies 2001 Annual Conference (For information)

HS-C. Family Health
HS-C1. New Early Identification Component to Support Healthy Child Development in the Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program (For information)
HS-C2. New Prenatal Component for Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program (For information)

HS-D1. Robert Kyle, MD, MHSc, CCFP, FRCPC, FACPM, Commissioner and Medical Officer of Health, The Regional Municipality of Durham regarding tuberculosis control among immigrants, refugees and visitors to Canada (Receipt recommended)


PW-A. Administration
PW-A1. Public Works to Deliver Four (4) Papers at the 107th International Public Works Congress & Exposition (For information)
PW-A2. National Public Works Week - May 20 -26, 2001 (See also Item PW-F3 and Other Business - Item 10a)

PW-B. Engineering and Construction
PW-B1. Lift and Dedicate 304.29 Metres of a 0.3 Metre Reserve - Regional Road 6, Queen Street West, City of Brampton, Ward 6
PW-B2. Implementation of Stopping Prohibitions, Regional Road 10 (Bovaird Drive) and Regional Road 107 (Queen Street) - City of Brampton, Wards 10 and 11 (See also Regional By-law 5-2001)
PW-B3. Local Improvement Project for a Sanitary Sewer Extension on Woodchuck Lane, Mississauga Road to Existing Sewer on Woodchuck Lane - City of Mississauga, Ward 8

PW-C. Operations and Maintenance
PW-C1. Children's Water Festival, June 6-12, 2001
Presentation by Lesley Radman, Technical Analyst, Operations and Maintenance (5 minutes) (See also Other Business - Item 10b)

PW-D. Water and Wastewater Treatment
PW-D1. Expansion of the Caledon East Reservoir Project No. 00-1225, Document 2000-282p - Town of Caledon, Ward 3
PW-D2. Wellhead Protection Area Program - Town of Caledon

PW-E. Waste Management
PW-E1. Backyard Composter Program

PW-F1. David Turnbull, Minister of Transportation responding to Peel's Resolution 2000-998 Concerning Red Light Cameras and Photo Radar to Complement Traffic Enforcement (Receipt recommended)
PW-F2. Dan Newman, Minister of the Environment responding to the Large Urban Mayor's Caucus of Ontario's (LUMCO) Resolutions regarding Sustainable Water Management, Renewal of the Canada-Ontario Agreement (COA) Respecting the Great Lakes Ecosystem, Ballast Water Management and Water Levels In the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region (Receipt recommended)
PW-F3. American Public Works Association (APWA) regarding the 37th Annual National Public Works Week (Receipt recommended) (See also Item PW-A2)


M-A. Chief Administrative Officer
M-A1. 2000 Region of Peel Employees' United Way Campaign (For information) (See also Item M-A2 and Items Related to Delegations/Presentations - Item 5a)
M-A2. Update on United Way of Peel Region (For information) (See also Item M-A1 and Items Related to Delegations/Presentations - Item 5a)

M-B. Legal Services
M-B1. Tobacco Control Act Prosecutions - Significant Decision (For information)

M-C. Controller's Division
M-C1. Statement of Remuneration and Expenses (For information)
M-C2. Accounts Receivable Recommended for Writeoff
M-C3. Delegation of Regional Tax Ratio - Setting Authority (See also By-law 6-2001)

M-D1. David M. Collenette, MP, Minister of Transport regarding proposed amendments to the by-laws of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) (Receipt recommended)
M-D2. James M. Flaherty, MPP, Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Native Affairs regarding the implementation of the Provincial Offences Act (POA) transfer initiative (Receipt recommended)
M-D3. Marjory Morden, Clerk, Town of Caledon regarding Protocol for Joint Capital Projects (Direction required)
M-D4. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care regarding Base Hospital Program Services for Peel (Receipt recommended)
M-D5. Helen Johns, MPP, Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation regarding Ontario's Volunteer Recognition Programs for 2001 (Receipt recommended)
M-D6. Helen Johns, MPP, Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation regarding the Lincoln M. Alexander Awards (Receipt recommended)
M-D7. Ann Mulvale, President, Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) regarding Peel's Continued Support of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (Receipt recommended)
M-D8. Leonard J. Mikulich, Clerk, City of Brampton regarding By-law No. 21-2001 to Exempt Chinguacousy Wellness Centre from all Taxes for Municipal and School Purposes (Receipt recommended)


Housing | Human Services | Management | Planning | Public Works

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