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Current workplace closures in Peel

Workplaces that have been directed to close by Peel Public Health.

A closure happens when 5 or more people at a workplace test positive for COVID-19 within a period of 14 days. Peel Public Health will instruct the workplace to close through either written or verbal notice under the class order for workplaces.

Closures will allow Peel Public Health to stop further spread of COVID-19 between employees while cases in the workplace are investigated.

Peel Public Health will determine the extent of the closures:

To learn more about managing cases of COVID-19 in the workplace, including reporting requirements and workplace closures, refer to our information for businesses.

Current workplace closures

The list of workplace closures will be updated daily (Monday to Friday) to show the workplaces currently closed. Workplaces will be added to the list the day after they have received their closure notice. The Monday update will display the workplaces that received their notices on Friday.

Workplaces will be removed from the list the day after they have been allowed to re-open by Peel Public Health.

Closure date Workplace name Address Closure type
May 11 ergoCentric Seating Systems 275 Superior Boulevard, Mississauga Partial
May 11 Furlani Bakery 1730 Aimco Boulevard, Mississauga Partial
May 11 Material Handling Systems 12424 Dixie Road, Caledon Full
May 11 Master Manufacturing 2636 Drew Road, Mississauga Full
May 8 Radial Inc. 6100 Freemont Boulevard, Mississauga Partial
May 8 Hampton Inn & Suites 3279 Caroga Drive, Mississauga Partial
May 8 Menasha Packaging 240 Summerlea Road, Brampton Partial
May 8 Quest Steel Inc. 6089 Shawson Drive, Mississauga Full
May 8 TD Canada Trust 1585 Mississauga Valley Boulevard, Mississauga Full
May 8 Axium Packaging 1200 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga Partial
May 8 Pro-Ply Custom Plywood 1195 Clark Boulevard, Brampton Full
May 7 Ms. Embroidery & Screenprinting 3688 Nashua Drive Unit 11 and 12, Mississauga Full
May 6 Genpak 3185 Pepper Mill Court, Mississauga Partial
May 6 Borges Food Ltd. 1831 Mattawa Avenue, Mississauga Full
May 6 Media 6 IMG 850 Rangeview Road, Mississauga Full
May 5 Matrix Logistics Services 6941 Kennedy Road, Mississauga Partial
May 5 Cargill Beef 235 Nuggett Court, Brampton Partial
May 4 Stackpole 2400 Royal Windsor Drive, Mississauga Partial
May 1 Nightingale Corporation 2301 Dixie Road, Mississauga Full
May 1 FedEx Ship Centre 6895 Bramalea Road, Mississauga Partial
May 1 Giraffe Foods Inc. 1774 Drew Road, Mississauga Partial
May 1 MTD Metro Tool & Die Limited 1065 Pantera Drive, Mississauga Partial
April 30 Amazon Fulfillment Centre YYZ-3 7995 Winston Churchill Boulevard, Brampton Partial
April 24 Amazon Fulfillment Centre YYZ-4 8050 Heritage Road, Brampton Partial
April 24 Amazon Fulfillment Centre YYZ-7 12724 Coleraine Drive, Bolton Partial